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The vision of the SUSTAINABLE HEALTHCARE INITIATIVE is to promote sustainable health development primarily, though not limited to Africa through active participation and engagement of all stakeholders. Your participation in our health charity will directly impact the lives of those in need of your assistance . The ITH Charities mission in this regard is to advocate for, and support local government agencies, their partners and communities, NGO’s and other charity organizations to implement reforms required for the establishment of sustainable, viable and responsive health systems as the vehicle for the delivery of known interventions and new technologies to improve community development through healthy promoting for healthy nutrition and disease prevention.

In addition to tangible aid, ITH Charities provides education on chronic malnutrition and hunger through the dissemination of facts, charts, graphs, and statistics. Contributing to this health charity will help to remedy hunger through education. These presentations focus on the causes, current efforts and solutions to chronic malnutrition and hunger, sanitation and hygiene. They also highlight the geographical, economical, and social aspects of chronic malnutrition and disease.