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Providing Sustainable Solutions

ITH Charities believes that the best to alleviate poverty without creating a cycle of dependency is not solely through aid, philanthropy, and even economic empowerment programs. The noble at heart, a lot of these solutions lend to ‘unintended consequences.’ We have come to believe that putting together strategically targeted investment solutions arguably facilities for the best desired charitable outcomes.

Defining Strategically Targeted Investments.

ITH Charities invests into charities, philanthropic societies, health and academic institutions with funds and accelerated development and training programs with the goal of facilitating a measureable and tangible economic return. These investments in addition to seeking a financial return focus on the financial payoffs directly related to a communities wellbeing. Such investments include:

·         Provide sufficient and timely access to reasonable healthcare, education, and finances

·         Providing healthy solutions to food and water supplies

·         Building and staffing affordable schools and health clinics

·         and Primarily improving economic wellbeing through creating and providing jobs.

Even before out inception, the leadership of ITH Charities has invested in dozens of projects ranging from providing aid to refugees in Africa and the Middle East, facilitating scholarship programs for bachelorette and graduate programs, conducting free eye care and medical clinics in different locales within Africa and the Middle East.

In all these ventures, we employ and innovative approach to poverty alleviation by building commercially sustainable small-medium enterprises that create jobs, empower the disenfranchised to improve their livelihoods, and address their social and environmental issues.