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What We do

The proper aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts.


Who We are


The leadership of ITH Staffing Inc., extends their felt need of addressing challenges that affect households and communities facing the most dire healthcare related and economic hardship issues by providing solutions through sustainable development and economic empowerment measures.


Isaac Moonzwe, MTH, MBA, DM.

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Constance Moonzwe, MHA

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The ITH Family

ITH Charities, is part of a bigger incorporation of organizations under the umbrella of The management team at ITH Staffing, Inc., celebrates 40 years of collective experience in human resources, compliance, recruitment, health care and information technology, and philanthropic endeavors. For the third year, ITH Staffing has demonstrated 300% growth in revenues along with significant new contract opportunities with major local, state and private institutions. This standard of excellence, has also transferred to ITH Charities, a subsidiary of ITH Staffing Inc. ITH Staffing, Inc, is the parent to ITH Staffing, ITH Charities, ITH Locum Tenens, ITH PROJOBFAIR, ITH Center for Development and Training.



ITH Charities can only do what it does through the support of our valued donors and sponsors. Our faciliation and operations sponors are: