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ITH Charities is a program arm of ITH Staffing, Inc. ITH Staffing has emerged as a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company, serving organizations across the country. – Read more at: ITH Staffing Philosophy.

However, the leadership of ITH Staffing extends their felt need of addressing challenges that affect households and communities facing the most dire human conditions. As such, ITH Charities mission is to make a meaningful contribution toward the reduction of poverty through information technology solutions and healthcare initiatives. Your charity donation will go a long way in helping us accomplish this mission. We achieve these goals by facilitating ITH Charities projects, and providing funding solutions to select charitable and philanthropic organizations.

Providing Sustainable Solutions

ITH Charities believes that the best to alleviate poverty without creating a cycle of dependency is not solely through aid, philanthropy, and even economic empowerment programs. Though noble at heart, a lot of these solutions lend to ‘unintended consequences.’ ITH Charities has come to believe that putting together strategically targeted investment solutions coupled with charity arguably facilitates the best humanitarian outcomes with about 90% of funding going directly to the projects.

Defining Strategically Targeted Investments

ITH Charities invests into charities, philanthropic societies, health and academic institutions with funding, development, and training programs with the goal of facilitating a tangible and measured economic return. These investments in addition to seeking sustainable returns focus on the financial payoffs directly related to a communities wellbeing. Any charity donation you make will help us in achieving these goals. Such investments include:

  • Providing sufficient and timely access to reasonable healthcare, education, and finances
  • Providing healthy solutions to food, sanitation, and water supplies
  • Building and staffing affordable schools, health clinics, academic and vocational training

In all these ventures, ITH Charities employs an innovative approach to poverty alleviation by building commercially sustainable small-medium enterprises that create jobs, empowers locals to play a central role in improving their livelihoods, by addressing their social, economic, and environmental concerns.


ITH Charities can only do what it does through the support of our valued donors and sponsors. Our faciliation and operations sponors are:

ITH Staffing
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