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The mission of ITH Charities is to make a meaningful contribution toward the reduction of poverty through information technology solutions and healthcare initiatives. ITH Charities seeks to promote sustainable healthcare and educational development primarily in Africa through active participation and engagement of all stakeholders. When you donate to our charity, you can improve the lives of those struggling without the benefits of medicine and healthcare.

ITH Charities mission in this regard is to advocate for the marginalized, at a national level, through their partners and communities, to implement reforms required for the establishment of sustainable, viable, and responsive healthcare and education systems. When you donate to charity, you can help ITH Charities with our focus on making people’s lives healthier and safer by making life-changing, long-term differences in human health and education. Our areas of concentration focus on:

  • Improving the lives of children and their families in the most impoverished regions.
  • Building on the skills of locals in the areas of health and education services.
  • Preventing diseases, providing access to clean water and sanitation, and facilitating community economic development.

ITH Charities- Charitable Arm of ITH Staffing, Inc.

ITH Staffing, Inc, is the parent to ITH Charities, ITH Staffing, ITH Locum Tenens, ITH PROJOBFAIR, and the ITH Training Center. ITH Charities is a charitable arm of ITH Staffing, Inc. ITH Staffing Inc., has emerged as a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company, serving organizations across the country. ITH Staffing is committed to recruiting excellent, highly-trained healthcare and IT professionals to meet the staffing needs of healthcare organizations in the 21st century. The organization is committed to serving both employers and job-seekers in the healthcare and IT industry, and works to achieve an optimal fit between the needs of organizations and candidates. – See more at: ITH STAFFING, INC.


ITH Charities can only do what it does through the support of our valued donors and sponsors. Our faciliation and operations sponors are:

ITH Staffing
ITH locumtenens