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Raising Glaucoma Awareness &
Preventing Blindness

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[Note: Guest schedule is subject to additions and occasional subtractions]




Ntambo Kaendera- FoH Eye-See Project, Director: Through most of her childhood Ntambo had no clear picture of what the world really looked like. She struggled to see due to poor eyesight until the day she was taken to a clinic in Blantyre, Malawi. It was at this meager clinic that she was given her first pair of eyeglasses; this simple gift changed her life. The cause of Ntambo’s impaired vision was glaucoma – a progressive degenerative eye disease which affects the optic nerve. Ntambo is the director of the FOH EYE-SEE Project whose mission is to detect glaucoma during early childhood while the disease is still in its early development stages. Ntambo also an international recording artist.

Trevor Frank King: Trevor is a rambunctious six year old boy. He was born with detached retinas (congenital bilateral retina) so Trevor has been blind since his birth. He has had several surgeries since he was 10 days old in an attempt to reattach his retinas but the surgeries were unsuccessful. He now wears prosthetics in both of his eyes. Despite his inability to see, there is nothing that Trevor won’t try to do. He loves music of all types. He loves listening and going to baseball games in person. He loves to dance and he enjoys playing with musical instruments. Blindstart of America is a non-profit organization that Team Trevor “I see with my hands” has been a part of for the last 3 years. Blindstart will play a big role in Trevor’s future. Trevor is our future .


Ame Kora: Amadou Fall is a native to Senegal, West Africa and comes from a family of musicians; His father, Mamadou Fall was a guitarist who played with several well-known Senegalese musicians one being Baba Maal. Amadou is the one that brought the Kora to his family at the age of 10. The Kora, which is a 21 stringed instrument of fishing line, is made from wood, Calabash (Gourd) and cow skin and can best be described as the African Harp. Amadou also been sought out and played in other parts of the world such as France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, England as well as the United States. Amadou has also participated in several recorded albums for music artists from around the globe. Visit Ame @ Ame Kora

Emily B Music: Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Vocal arranger & director – Her talents speak for themselves. Emily grew up in Idaho and was a part of the local music scene. She later moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her career. On March 4, 2014, singer Emily B took The Voice stage to belt out “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. The off-scene singer has been featured in numerous projects including Pitch Perfect, The Muppets, and even one of Cee Lo Green’s Christmas albums! Two days before her wedding, Emily was diagnosed with VHL syndrome, which required her to have two brain surgeries after her honeymoon. After overcoming these obstacles, she’s continued pushing forward. Visit Emily @ Emily on FACEBOOK

The Lyndon Rochelle Experience: [Lyndon Rochelle- on the drums] ~ With a groove that would make anyone get up and dance, the soulful touch of Lyndon Rochelle has been enlisted by many of today’s most unique artists. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Lyndon started as a young child on the pots and pans. Lyndon is an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. While in Boston, he met and befriended the 2011 Grammy Award winner for Best New Artist, Esperanza Spalding. As a result, Lyndon has performed all over the world, including at such notable events as the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony for President Barrack Obama, The opening slot for Prince’s Welcome to America Tour.

Danny Donnelly & Elva Frye: Danny is Known for guitar work on The Kry’s Undone album and his own Solo Worship albums, Danny Donnelly’s recent independent release, Be Filled, offers a dozen original songs in just about every musical style there is. Danny D. is a worship leader, recording artist, singer songwriter, and producer extraordinaire. He has produced several albums in “The Barn” studio behind his house for different Calvary affiliated “musicianaries.” For those who appreciate music that hasn’t been edited to death, listening to live musicians who played together, beautiful songs sung by a great voice you’ll Danny’s work.You can visit Danny @

Elva is a singer/songwriter, recording artist, piano teacher, worship leader, and co-founder of FACE of Harvest, a faith-based international humanitarian emergency relief agency (nonprofit NGO). Elva has been writing songs since she was 12, and playing the piano since I was 5. Her latest album, Five O’Clock is Christian/Gospel Retro (Neo) Soul with old school, pop, African, urban, and orchestra infused arrangements: strong lyrical and musical progressions with some laid back vibes and lighthearted tunes. She has translated songs into Swahili, loves traveling all over the world and marathon running. Find more out about Elva @





staff2-e144464448735Constance Moonzwe, ITH Staffing, President: Constance is an authority on training and staffing in the healthcare and information technology industries. Constance is the Founder of ITH Staffing, which recruits for over 3,000 healthcare and IT organizations in all 50 states. ITH Staffing, Inc. has emerged as a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company, serving organizations across the country. As such, ITH Staffing is in tune with the challenges of recruiting talented and dedicated staff to fill open positions. Constance has over 15 years of experience, in the field of Human Resources, Risk Management, Recruitment and Compliance. She has a BS in Human Resources and a Masters in Healthcare Administration.