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You can go 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.

That is a scary fact when you think about it. Your body can survive 3 times longer without food than water.
Kids Water
Fortunately, for those in North America, clean drinking water can be found virtually everywhere and is easily accessible through your homes, restaurants, stores and shops. If the drinking water is un safe from the tap, boiling the water or using a water purification system solves that problem.

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Foods to Help Reduce Glaucoma Risk

By Chris Kilham Published September 10, 2014

EyeGlaucoma is a leading cause of blindness among adults. The disease involves an increase in pressure in the eye, which distorts the shape of the eyeball, damaging the lens of the eye, and resulting in blindness. This disease can be mitigated to an extent with eye drops, and cannabis, too, has shown to be of help. Sadly, many people go blind due to glaucoma.

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Africa’s Education Crisis: In School But Not Learning

EyeIt’s unfathomable that of Africa’s nearly 128 million school-aged children, 17 million will never attend school. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that another 37 million African children will learn so little while in they are in school that they will not be much better off than those kids who never attend school. As a consequence, the prognosis for Africa’s future economic growth and social development is poor.

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